Wack Ass Bitch

Usually a skanky bitch that toys with mens emotions and then fucks someone else.

And then toys with you some more.
you: man, fuck that W.A.B., she just banged Mike.

friend: And ME!
by JTako November 28, 2007
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Wabs = Weak Ass Bitch Syndrome

The act of being a Weak Ass Bitch such as being a pussy, being soft or not as tough.
Sierra: Do box jellyfish have more potent venom then scorpions.

Steven: Nah Scorpions got Wabs
by Das me April 15, 2011
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You suck the wab!
Jim loves the wab
Rambo takes the wab
by Teakkaman October 15, 2004
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Western Academy of Beijing

cuulest skewl in ze worrrld. Where all the hawties go - grrrrrr TIGERS!

we are the wabbits, the mighty mighty wabbits..goooooo wab!
by t-wal April 30, 2009
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A woman who's primary daily activites include sleeping/eating/thinking about cats.
Awwww look at weebo wabs eating all the buffet.
by TallulahHoola August 15, 2011
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