Word used on multiplayer internet games, acronym for "we owned the other team".

Now commonly used by retards all over the internet..most notably those "popular" kids in school who are actually the biggest faggots ever.
Cool example..

"ZOMG, you fucked him up"
by gurps February 16, 2009
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1.Origonally written simply as woot(or WOOT) abreviation of Wu-Tang,specifically referring to the Wu-Tang Ninja Clan made by Aaron Anderson of Oakley,CA in 1997.This was done in order to spam Aaron and his brother with WOOTs over ICQ.Aaron thought it was funny,but Greg hated it.It eventually drove him nuts resorting in him running around EQ as Zarius the Ixzar Monk running around screaming woot wherever he went,and eventually in him even spamming chat rooms and other on-line games(even Yahoo chess) alike.Also the DM who created this's good friend Hell Fire spammed up Quake with it back in 97'.
2.Nonsensical gibberish you can just shout cause it's funny,and gets annoying really fast.
3.Warped into w00t by on-line nerds trying to make sense of 4 people shouting it all over the place,resulting in Quake players rationilizing it as We Own (the) Other Team,seeing that it became most fun to shout specifically as players where fragged,or at the end of matches.Also fabricated by Ever Quest players to mean "I won the battle" or "I leveled" or some other cool event,due to people just asking Greg Anderson,hey what does that mean?...it sounds cool..does mean huzzah or victory?" and him only answering with "uh yeah,sure" or more woots.This eventually evolved to w00t due to sheer bordom of saying it all the time.
4.An obnoxious spam tactic where one types it several times,copies,paste,repeats.This is know specifically as The Attack Of A Thousand Woots.
Justin-Hi woot greg woot.
Greg-D00d I told you not to say that shit.
Justin-Woot,you playing EQ woot?
Justin-that woot sounds woot pretty woot cool woot.You woot LV. woot are woot you woot.
Greg-STFU or I'm going to beat your ass man.
Justin-Woot?wooty woot woot woot.

*greg signs off*
by Zato Kaze August 5, 2005
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a contraction for: "We Owned the Other Team"

Mostly used in fps Games
Bob: We kicked their asses!
Jim: w00t! we uber pwned teh nubz!
by JohnRboifosho December 13, 2008
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w00t is a yell of celebration.. or of being happy about something.
W00t!! I got my car today! W00T I'm goin out tonight!
by Heavenlee June 1, 2006
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Gamer speak for being excited. Instead of just saying "yay" or "wow". Gamers say w00t. Why the zeros? It makes them feel special that they cant find the o key.
n00bh4x:Hey guyz i just got WoW!
by rofl meg December 29, 2006
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I always says w00t when i come;) girls think i@m geeky.
W00t, i pwn you geeky girl;)
by Jason Bobby August 24, 2005
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An acronym for We Own the Other Team, or otherwise an expression of joy or satisfaction.
So you got us all tickets? w00t.
by Andrew Ireland December 13, 2007
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