a celebratory term exemplifying happiness and excitement, or approval.
1) Man, I just cracked this DOD server! w00t!

2) That car is dope; its that woot, WOOT!
by JJWashington May 26, 2006
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or woot Used as exclamation on many online fourms/games etc.
"w00t! I got 7000 Gold! ^^"
by Keenan H. May 17, 2006
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The word w00t is used in online gaming. it means We own (the) other team.
At the end of a game such as Quake you would say w00t
by HIM March 24, 2005
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All other definitions are new definitions. w00t originated on games such as counterstrike by nerds and it stands for "we own(ed) the other team." Now everyone and their fucking bastard son is using the word and they don't know where it came from.
Nerd 1: Awesome! I pwned his ass!
Nerd 2: Nubs...
Nerd 1: w00t!
by David March 29, 2005
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A word that expresses a feeling of surprise. As is "What are you talking about".
by DefenetlyNotPanos May 31, 2017
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Excitement or something is going the way you wanted it to.
I made a touchdown!! w00t!!!!
by Blue Blazer July 20, 2006
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"I own the computer", corrupted leet speak for root, the name of the UNIX superuser.

A cracker who has control of the root user can perform any action on the compromized computer.

Used as a claim of eliteness amongst crackers.
I just buffer overflowed that RS-6000's sshd, and it dropped me in a shell. w00t!
by joseph bloggs August 1, 2006
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