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Some sick and disgusting fetish of someone eating and/or digesting someone else, not to be confused with inflation.
Uh, uh oh my god, tat vore stuff made me sexually aroused.
by Sheks Broken Condom October 15, 2016
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The roleplayed act of eating another living being - But really its about getting sex by whoring out to every Tom, Dick and Harry who has enough of a braincell left after their fapping sessions to type a single sentence in order to get the other side off and in doing so becoming popular to a singular, singleminded group of inbreds who see the one whoring out as just another conquest and so another name on their profile to show they are so great and popular
"Wow, I'm so Kewl, I has 300 people I've vored on my profile!"
by Grumpydoodles October 15, 2009
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A fetish community in which everyone is merely out for their own goals and purposes to become the biggest, stuck up, and most popular person in the world. They pass it off as being creatures that eat each other simply so they can limit the playing field to the weaker and more sensetive people who are easier to manipulate.
Those vores on www.aryion.com are rather stuck up, they must have rather large egos by now.
by Dragondino June 17, 2006
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