the best sport out there, and if u think volleyball isnt a sport then u are either a dumb@$$, or obviosly you have no idea what so ever what a sport is, cuz ur too lazy to get ur ass off that chair and actually do somethin rather than check on what words mean!! What a loser! go get a life! i feel sry 4 u!
by no1sbussines August 30, 2003
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The greatest sport in the world, consisting of 6 men on a 30 foot court attempting to hit the crap out of the ball land on the other side of the court without touching the net or going under it.

What men do during boys baseball season.
Psht, I'm not a pussy... I play volleyball
by McHale March 20, 2007
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1.)to a boy: volleyball is mostly about girls with big asses in spandex
2.)to girls who play: once you start you cant stop. one may be a D.S or a libaro, another may be a setter, most likely the taller ones will be hitters( or attackers) one of the hardest yet funnest sports.
3.)to girls who dont play: i could do that easily. seriously this game looks so easy.

Jack: damn look at her ass!

Jim: Hell yaa!

Jenny: are you coming to the game tomorrow?

Jill: Of coursse! Ive been practicing!

stuck up girl at school: ohh...you play volleyball. that sport is for wimps

girl who plays volleyball: shut up bitch id like to see you pass a ball thats been smacked at you by a 6 foot 11 girl.
by Patty Marie December 18, 2011
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missing the ball, trpping over the net, aching wrists , it's not just a sport , IT'S A LIFESTYLE
when the season come's around, volleyball is my life , once you start playing you never want to stop
by amandaaaaaaaaa February 15, 2007
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Other than a sport, volleyball is a common term used at beaches between males to announce the presence of a moderately attractive female without drawing attention. It is usually placed in a question followed by a time of day to signify the direction of the female relative to the speaker.
Mike: "Hey, Geoff, volleyball at 12 o'clock?"
Geoff turns around and looks behind him.
Geoff: "Oh, yeah, I'm in!"
by MACHone Inc. October 06, 2005
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