A drink that Russians claim to have invented, but was actually invented by the Polish.
Russians take credit for everything, probably because they have memory loss from drinking way too much vodka.
by поляк October 22, 2015
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A strong alcohol, often used as water in Russia. Only real men can drink it directly.
Russian: I would like to have a glass of water please!
Bartender: You mean vodka?
Russian: ... That's what I meant. Don't you ever listen?
by James222 January 31, 2015
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an acholic liquid that has two strikes against choosing it over the plethora of other, more worthy liquors: an unappealing, shoe-polish-like taste and the fact that it becomes less and less as more and more is ingested, to the point that it garners no reactions at all, and you fucking projectile vomit all over your hosts' curtains, carpet, couch, dog, television, and fiancee. This weakness/numbing is a feature of many of the 'light' liquors. Despite this, it remains a favorite of many female, and especially, underage drinkers
I saw my dinner after eleven shots of vodka.
by bobdole September 05, 2003
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I was so hammered on half a big bottle of voddi i smashed it over dis dudes head from 2021 n actually wasted all da rest of da vodka ! N den i got fukin arrested !!!!!!!!
Vodka fukin rules it does da trick !!!
by gurny boi June 23, 2004
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mmmmmmmmmmm something me and my mates drink evry friday nite wen we go street beatin. gets u fucked up so u dnt rememba wot happened nd den at skool on monday u find out tings u didint even no u did
sssmmmiirrrnnoofffffffffffffff vodka !
by Reppin Luton May 09, 2005
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