This honger club in Richmond BC has been made popular by 16 year old ricers and teddyboy gangbangers who think they are pimpin. The dance floor is bumpin, where the sickest moves from para para paradise, dance dance revolution, and any of the newest arcade games can be exhibited.
"r u going to viva la~ kekeke"
by ricemond December 03, 2003
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Used To describe How good someone is doing
My Son Just Won 50 Grand, he viva
by koolz February 02, 2009
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A great emperor who rules over the michaeleans on the prospering land of ML102. We all admire him in awe as he rules wisely together with the contingent. We are all in debt of this great leader. He sits atop his throne on high ground and plans with wisdom and perception.
"Have you heard of the great Emperor?"


"How could you not have heard of Emperor Vivas? This is ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!"
by MinisterOfTech September 13, 2020
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Viva is an amazing person, I don't know what else to say.
She is very sporty, loves all kinds of sports, she is very smart as well. She is also a good friend and very good at keeping secrets. You can trust, ALWAYS🤗. You are super lucky to know her. Oh, yea and when she grows up she is going to become super famous.
She is amazingggggg. Viva also means to live so you are super lucky to know her because now you will live extra long
by heyhej November 04, 2020
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A young girl which is from grosuplje and is very communicative. She is 14 yo
by xÅ VIKIx July 18, 2019
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