The name of the new Windows Operative System. Windows Vista aka Longhorn (working title).
When is the new windows comming out?

- Microsoft will release Vista in the end of 2006.
by $ The Dude $ July 30, 2005
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OSX but with windows logos, and will crash all of the time.""
"Have you seen the new Windows os vista?"
"Yeah, I got mac osx"
by Anonymous Passenger January 11, 2006
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Microsoft's newest operating system that has strikingly familiar speeds, quirks, and errors to Windows ME. Rumored to be the fastest and most aesthetically pleasing Windows OS yet but proof of these claims have rarely been seen by users. Mostly, an advertising scheme between Microsoft and computer hardware manufacturers to get you to purchase the newest and most expensive components on the market.
example 1:
We are Microsoft.
You and your data will be assimilated into Windows Vista and merged with the non-backwards compatible collective.
Resistance is futile.

Example 2:
MacOS X: Vista Aero... i am your father.
MacOS X: Search your feelings... you know it to be true.

Yeah, i use Ubuntu Linux and i'm a nerd... so fucking what?
by nunsgetnakedforjesus April 25, 2008
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The name of the upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows OS.
"Windows Vista". Did you know that Vista, in Lithuanian, means 'chicken'?
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg July 24, 2005
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This is used to describe any computer-based software which is poorly designed; with countless software bugs and poor performance in general. Particularly inherent to this quality is the software company's inability to fix reproducible software bugs on a timely basis or even acknowledge them; furthermore, shifting the blame on 3rd party software developers for the problems seen in the software.
Most Logitech products (particularly their newer webcams) are just like Vista.
by mkanet March 05, 2008
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The Next P.O.S. Operating System from Microsoft. Formerly Code Named 'Long Horn'.
Windows (L)User:"Hey Dude, After using XP for so long I can't wait to experience Vista!"

Linux User:"It's still going to be Shit; You should use Linux."

Windows (L)User:"But Microsoft Vista Is gonna have neato things like "Virtual Folders", whatever those are. Sounds Technical! I want to use it."

Linux User:"...WTF? STFU!"
by Charles Butler July 24, 2005
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Windows XP... with 75% more annoyances! Yay!
Bob: You got Vista?
Joe: Yeah, but it cost me an extra $375 to run it... and it freezes all the time. You thinking about upgrading?
Bob: Nah, man. I hate Mac OSX. I don't need a half assed emulation of it.
by Griffler December 12, 2006
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