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A large group of homosexual males that think they are hackers because the can copy/paste code and social engineer morons.
Dude, did you see the fail generated by ViRuZ MaFiA when they tried DDoSing 4chan and failed?
by M1A1-wat September 16, 2010
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ViRuZ MaFiA Is A Famous Online Hacking Team. It consists Of less than Ten Members. ViRuZ MaFiA Is Led By Fear, Which is One Of The Famous online Gangsters known. They Steal Your Xbox Live Accounts, and Boots You offline. These are some of the Powerful online gangsters there is. Doing whatever they want, and never getting caught.
I was one game away from my 50 in halo 3, Then I got matched up with The ViRuZ MaFiA And I lost my 49.
by InjectDawg July 17, 2009
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