Regardless of what many may say, a female can have her hymen penetrated and still be a virgin, the determining factor would be was there a horny individual present, who still roams this earth in a concious state, that was responible. Anyone who has been involved in a blowjob, has been involved in anal penetration, has felt up, been felt up, or has been involved in some other form of heavy petting is not really a virgin. Using a dildo, some other vibrator, or having your hymen broken during a medical procedure doesn't count. Regardless of how you look at it, the number of female virgins is microscopic compared to that of the number of male virgins.
Male virgins of a certain age are considered societal pariahs, outcasts shunned and ridiculed by their conformist, mainstream peers as well as society and popular culture. Female virgins often pass them up in favor of far more promiscuous males who are far too overpriveledged (these are also eleveated to a higher ranking amongst the Jr. High, High School, and college/University set. See jerk). Gay males, however, are highly attracted to these tabula rasas of the sex world. Belive it or not, there are many males who have never even locked lips, even until their 30's, and they aren't necessarily ugly, smelly etc. They may just be shy, picky, and/or dont get out much, and may revile those celebrated "normal" people.
Female virgins are similarly ridiculed by their conformist mainstream peers as well as society, but unlike the males of their kind are seen as prime conquests of promiscuous males (see player, jerk), who will often times lie about their sexual experience in order to "get some".
by Cynical, pissed off virgin December 26, 2006
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im 23 and im a virgin. i will probably end up a serial killer but at least i can get rid of my virginity that way
by fredrickson May 17, 2005
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1.A person/animal who has not yet copulated. An unmarried woman who has never had sexual intercourse. See: maiden

2.Someone who hasn't done something for the first time.

3.Something that is unused.

4.A place that is unexplored i.e. virgin territory.
1.Me: Ive never had sex. I'm a virgin. Some people assume that I am perfect because of this but then I remind them: Were YOU perfect when YOU were still a virgin?? Guess what? I masturbate!

2. Man1:I have never ridden on a plane. I'm a virgin in that respect.

3.Man2: This copy of Final Fantasy for the NES is new and sealed in its original seal. It's in a virgin state.

4. America was once virgin teritory before it was discovered by humans.
by Mona Lott March 14, 2006
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A Man or a Women(Boy or Girl) who has not had sex yet.
I rather wait to get married to have sex. So thereofre I will remain a Virgin.
by Saint51 April 01, 2010
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A girl who has not been penetrated. She can be identified by the presence of a hymen (usually).
If a girl has not had sex, she is still a virgin.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
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1. A person who has never had sex for whatever reason.

2. Alcohol-free if a drink is typically served containing alcohol.
1. Finding a virgin who's a freshman in college is rare. A college grad who's a virgin is a lot rarer.

2. I got a virgin pina colada since I'm really starting to feel those real ones I had earlier.
by Sid Barrett December 12, 2009
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