A person who lives a dull life, lacking any excitement or adventure. They can usually be found flagging posts on social media for partial nudity or bad language. They tend to avoid riding motorcycles, getting tattoos, shooting guns, etc.
What the shit!? That virgin just flagged my swimsuit pic!
by Idksomerandomhandle December 27, 2016
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Someone who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. If you wish to find one, they may be hard to find as their gatherings are generally referred to as "Star Trek Conventions."

Additional gatherings may be: Anime Conventions, Star Wars conventions, and Lord of the Rings conventions.
"Hey Spock. Can I get a picture of you?" - Spock is probably a Virgin.
by Verin August 19, 2006
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some good some bad, good for a girl and bad for a guy
"wat?, john is still a virgin, damn"

"wat? jenny is a virgin, i think i shoulda hang out with her."
by geo li August 03, 2008
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1)A reverse psychological mechansim used by women to try to cover up their extremely deviant sexual behavior.

2)A term used by slut's to try to cover up their sexual addiction and not be labeled.

3)The oldest trick in the book, in which only a complete idiot would beleive.
Dude 1: Yo I wanna fuck Carla so bad she's so goddamned sexy!
Dude 2: Oh that ain't no thang , she's a 'virgin' from what she told me.
Dude 3: Word? Oh so she's the type that takes it in the ass and all that?
Dude 4: Yup, pretty much.
by B JizZle September 23, 2006
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Someone who hasn't gotten laid for the following reasons.

1. Religious

2. The type of person who spends their life reading comic books, watching anime/hentai, masturbating to internet porn, watching Star Trek , watching Star Wars, playing WOW 24/7, giggling over 5th grade jokes about sex, giggling over fart jokes, watching All Your Base Are Belong to us videos obsessively, having every regular nintendo game ever made, spitting out alcohol when offered a drink, being excessively worried about conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati, knowing how to create a Linux computer from scratch, and spending all their free time indoors all living with their parents all their life.
Regular person: How old are you?

Virgin: 40

Regular person: When was the last time you had sex?

Virgin: Oh I'm a virgin because I'm scared to talk to women and women hate sex anyway.
by anonymous6812 July 10, 2008
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1. someone who has not yet given away their virginity; meaning they have not yet had sex. this is not at all stupid!

2. for example "virgin territory" which means that territory is new to geography

3. for example you are a "virgin" of plane flying, then that means you have never flew in a plane
example for 1.

guy 1: wtf, you're still a virgin??!!

guy 2: she is? jesus, that's impossible! I bet she masturbates or something

girl: shut up, I do not!

guy 1: why be a virgin? everyone will laugh at you, you know

girl: just because virgins are almost extinct in a matter of speaking, doesn't mean that they are crazy people. they are just following through with their morals, which include respect for their bodies.
by standup4whatsright April 28, 2012
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what 99% of asian girls are.

for those of you who have said that virgins are rare, your clearly wrong. think asian girls.
alex couldn't find any virgins so he had to go to chinatown
by miss angel October 20, 2010
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