A person who's never had there privates touched in a sexual manor
Kiersten : OOOO! Come on baby make me cum!
Jake : Ahh!
Kiersten : Oh O God Damn! Why do guys always have to fart in my bed when I'm tryin to have an orgasm?
Jake : Just how many guys have actually been in your bed?
Kiersten : O how sweet you thought I was a Virgin when we met WRONG!
Jake : Well ive fucked more girls than most porn stars have!
Kiersten : Well why don't you go fart in there bed and get the fuck out of mine!
Jake : Fine I'm going to Maddison's she's a Virgin!
Kiersten : Don't bother she's a lesbian!
Jake : Yeah right she's hotter than you!
Kiersten : I already slept with her and she didn't fart in my bed!
Jake : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kiersten : Really that made you cum! GET THE FUCK OUT!
by SlopNChop September 19, 2017
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Someone who doesn't give a fuck.

Thought to be an endangered species, with fewer and fewer of them in high school and even middle school with each passing set of students.
"Thomas Jefferson, a Virgin, and Benjamin Franklin were two singers of the Declaration of Independence."

"I remember a girl named Virginia. We called her 'Virgin', for short, but not for long."

"Virgin + Mother = Virgin Mother = Oxymoron."
by Lorelili January 16, 2006
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someone who has not had sex yet with a man or woman because they are not ready yet
someone who is pure or is an unmarried man or woman
someone who has no experience in something
the woman was a virgin because she was not ready to have sex with her boyfriend
by crazylunatic lu lu August 30, 2008
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Originally the word virgin was used as a title of a girl who was "spoken for" usually about 3 years before she was old enough to be married. In those days girls were "bought" with a dowry from their families before they were even sexually mature, therefore they had intact hymens. I have no idea why thousands of years later we are still attaching value to a thin piece of skin that could be ruptured by a fall or even starting a period, instead of recognizing that virgin only means promised to another and therefore off limits. In some countries women are still being "given" and "taken" by others for money and the man's mother is who actually breaks the girl's hymen, producing blood, to "prove her purity." To save a girl from being "ruined" men in these countries have anal sex instead, unintentionally causing the spread of disease and spiritual toxification of themselves and their women, thus turning "virgins" into "prostitutes" for sale to their mothers, who control the money, and therefore want to maintain control of their sons (who earn that money)
through spiritual manipulation of his mate, because she would be the only real competition for his affection and allegiance, so she is dominated in such a way as to make her forget her own value and she is less capable of strengthening her husband. If the 2 really do become as one, then this act of undermining their marriage is just like the false mother who tells King Solomon to go ahead and cut the "baby" in half. She stands to make money from their "death." But the King orders the soldiers to give the baby to the real mother, the one who was willing to give away her child and lose her own protection rather than see him killed.
My hymen is broken, but I am a real virgin, promised to someone who bought me without money, by actually loving me. I am virginesque in my heart, causing me to refrain from giving my affections to anyone else because I love him and am waiting for him; not because a piece of skin has monetary or spiritual value, not even because I've never been intimate with another, but because I am promised to him and because he made me believe in love again by loving me first, with or without a stupid hymen!
by YourWife&Mother March 23, 2009
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someone who hasnt had sex yet, often seen as beautiful and rare, people may remain virgins because of

2. because they dont want to wreck their family when they grow up
3. they dont want to get pregnant and quit school
4. they dont want to get an std (sexually transmitted disease (some of which can kill you, and stay with you forever
5.they dont want to get caught
they dont want to get hurt physically or emotionally(breakups are worse after you have had sex
6. they dont want a husband who only married them because they are good in bed (because when you're older and have a baby, get sick, get in a car accident, or just become of old age, and cant have sex anymore, or as much, youre husband will leave you if thats the only reason he married you, or the main reason)

<big/>7. THEY ARE SMART :

you may give up your virginity because...
1. you feel you are ready
2. you think you are in love
3. you're drunk
4. youre high
5. you are pressured
6. it feels good
7. you want to be like youre friends.
Rachel is still a virgin, she's saving herself for marriage.
Sarah hasnt has sex yet, shes a virgin.
by sarah down October 13, 2006
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a suffix that is added onto another word when describing a person who is doing something for the first time.
"You've caught me. I'm a laundry-virgin"
by rickysayshi January 01, 2009
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One who writes disgusting decriptions of sexual acts with women and submits them for publication in an on-line slang dictionary.
If you find eating a combination of cum and poop satisfying or funny, it is because you are a virgin and have never actualy done it.
by Tenarr June 21, 2005
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