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The kind of sex that is reserved between a woman and their sexually frustrated neighbor, both parties are vigorously and mercilessly going at it, however they're mid existential crisis at the though of what their life has come to, sat in a somewhat strange mans house, having your ass eaten whilst fearing the wrath of his obese wife breaking down the door.

Such sex involves acts to inflict major harm and discomfort upon each other, such as a foreskin tearing hand job, whilst her mother is in the kitchen, unaware of the task at hand (Pun intended).
Furthermore such an act is later ignored and they go back to awkwardly making compulsory conversation whence they see each other in public, till the time comes again. (Pun, yet again, intended).
"You see the way Catherina and Phil were looking at each other at the shop"?
" Yeah, they've been going at it"
"Phil's wife ain't gonna be impressed that he's been having violent depression sex with her*.
by Decan Gray May 07, 2018
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