1. Someone who lacks intelligence, can be described as a closeted homosexual, that has violent tendencies towards those who have an opinion other than their own.

2. Someone who's mother did not love them, so they lash out at other people.
Geez, all I said was "torture is wrong", don't be such a Vinny.
by asdefajowirhgarj February 01, 2010
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The act of being "vinny" includes crouching down in dark parking lots and yelling "YOOOO!" at your homies. In modern times you can be "vinny" anywhere, even in your house.
(in a dark parking lot in Redondo Beach, getting out of a car and crouching): "YOOOOO Chris! I'm on deck fool!"

Chris: "Dude!, you're so Vinny!"
by Igomf'inhardinthepaint November 18, 2011
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Pretty boy, in love with his hair and his looks, likes to many girls to count
by Ray on the burger December 26, 2016
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A fat snake who copies every one, then cries wen his friends that he copies stops talking to him cause he is a snake
I’m a fake friend who copies any one cool, I think I’m a vinny
by BLACK MAN WALKING 69420 February 03, 2018
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Is gay but only on the Friday nights, he's straight every other day of the week
#gainsempire #TYCTTM #rockysquad
by Spontaneous combustion October 30, 2017
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Vinny likes to make women feel special but only threw social media. Hell post a pic or video... but over texts it's read and ignore

He uses women

He doesn't care about anyone but himself....
He's an overall rude person
Dude I got used by a Vinny,

He's such a Vinny ugh!!
by unsocialbutterfly June 01, 2016
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