vinny is a term used to describe a horrible horrible person who should no longer walk this earth.
"omg!!! that person is so HORRIBLE and evil!!!!"

"yea...that would be a vinny"
by shfjhkfuckyousjfhskd April 27, 2010
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vinny is a kid that is a playa in the highschool. he has no friends what so ever besides 1 friend and that 1 friend is gay. sooo vinny goes home nd jerks off 5 times a day to anything as simple as a plant, or a carpet, maybe a poster... but deffinetly not a girl. he had a girl once but because he is sucha prude kid he ruins that relationship. it is never the girls fault but then thats when the boy vinny, can truely become vinny
look at that kid vinny, i hate that asshole!
by billysupertree January 19, 2010
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Vinny likes to make women feel special but only threw social media. Hell post a pic or video... but over texts it's read and ignore

He uses women

He doesn't care about anyone but himself....
He's an overall rude person
Dude I got used by a Vinny,

He's such a Vinny ugh!!
by unsocialbutterfly June 1, 2016
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a fat retard that is a hypocritical egotistical faggot that uses his mom 200 dollar computer. vinny cant get any girls because of how OBESE he is. he is anti social but makes fun of other anti socials. says artists are bad and listens to them. he has the special ability to make every girl friend zone him, this has made him go gay. he has several body pillows and 7 cum rags.
"yo who is that retard"

"oh thats vinny, hes a bitch ass"
by real ass clowns October 31, 2019
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(1) to be extremely rude and arrogant

(2) a very rude person
(3) ugly
That must be a Vinny, he is disgusting!
by chasechaserman August 28, 2020
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1)someone who is extremely gay

2)smallest dick in the universe

4)veryyyy cocky

5)Is obssesed with peopled named Erika
1.'' look theres someone named vinny '' , ''runnnnnnnnnnnnn''
by harrystyles77777 April 10, 2020
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He’s a fucking sexy fluffy mother fucker, life of a party, if you know a vinnie you call that bitch and you invite him to a party. when he’s not out in the club he’s usually hanging out with his friends, vinnie’s have the warmest heart and are the nicest and funniest guy.
hey you give vinnie a beer you just made a new friend
by Party of a life time November 18, 2020
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