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A woman who with a nasty personality, usually also rather unattractive and hence very undesirable.
Look at vinegar tits over there... A right nasty bitch with the looks of Saddam Hussein's camel.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006
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Nickname given to Officer Vera Bennett in the Aussie TV show "Prisoner Cell Block H" , hard faced , bitter and twisted .
by Erica Davidson June 25, 2010
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Derogatory term for a female that is miserable, bitchy, hates everyone, hasn't had sex in years etc. Such as a headteacher/principle at school for example.
I got caught skipping school last week and old vinegar tits has given me another detention.
by Cooked Sock April 21, 2010
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A sour faced old hag, typically from Rochdale or Oldham. Usually pregnant at age 46
Fuck me, that Vinegar Tits is a miserable bitch with a face only a mother could love
by Sid E Billy September 11, 2008
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