another name for whore

The implication is that much like the bicycle of a small village, everyone is eventually going to ride the thing.
I am guessing that the chick walking bowlegged out of the frat house is a major village bicycle
by tramdog August 11, 2003
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Not so much a whore, but more of a slut rather. No money is be given directly to her. She does require you buy her drinks, and play her little "hard to get" game for some time at least for one night. Later she "lets" you fuck her (as if its the priveledge) and leave without any words spoken.

She's comparative to a bicyle in a village in which it is the only one for everyone to use. Eventually you get to ride it as fast as you like.... you just have to wait your turn. (wear protection, she gave me the crabs)
Look! (in a young mexican voice) it's the village (spoken: vee-lej) bicycle.....everyone gets to take a ride!
by John Harrison January 20, 2004
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