It’s just like phone sex but on video call like FaceTime or Skype. You usually show yourself masturbstating and act as if y’all fucking.
Carmen: Oh my god girl Sean and I had some bomb ass video sex last night!
Keisha: Deadass?
Carmen: Yea I squirted all over my phone!
by Nisey27 October 28, 2017
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When two people are 'involved' with each other publicly, but you never see anything explicit.

The term comes from most music videos that have romantic scenes. Many body parts are shown very briefly, yet nothing is revealed fully.
Jill: Hey, did you see Kim and Joe getting 'friendly' last night?

John: Yeah, but nothing actually happened. It was just music video sex.
by LolaMonroe September 17, 2010
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When you decide to fuck someone after watching a sex scene in a video game....
I just had to have video game sex with her after watching Cintra in Far Cry 3!!!
by pablowisdom August 14, 2016
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Sex Videos Desi dot com is one of many unsuccessful Indian websites with minecraft videos. It's main goal was to promote Indian kids' minecraft videos all around the world to help them become famous. They are also known for promoting their website on many strange places like Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary.
Hey have you seen those new minecraft videos on Sex Videos Desi dot com??
Yeah, those Indian kids are great and helped me use redstone. It's a shame they have so little audience.
by DesiMadaKaka August 22, 2020
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