1) Another alternative to life when it gets shitty.
2) The.Best.Entertainment.In.The.World
3) Something that can ruin your social life, grades in school, and your health. (But you'll say it's worth it.)
by MayGah February 08, 2004
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A fun way to spend time that society (mostly older people that have never played them)blame all of youth's problems on. They are as addictive as caffene, no more. It helps young adults relax in a world of tests, project due dates, and emotional stress.
I play videogames to escape the stress of the world for a few minutes.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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a true test of skill, unless you have it on fuckin easy you nerd!
Nerd: Hey, I just beat Legend of Zelda
Gamer: Who hasnt, motha fucka!
by Jay C October 04, 2003
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(n.) Vid•e•o Game

1. An escape from the real world.

2. One of zillions of ways to spend twenty dollars.

3. Or, as the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition would say, "An electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen."
Boy's Mother: *sigh* I swear! All that boy ever does is video games, video games, and more video games!
by The Mysterious Definer March 17, 2004
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3D or 2D virtual games that can waste your time for good and fun.
I play videogames because the world outside my house burns t3h Sk1n.
by Sephyr February 04, 2004
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Invented so that teenage boys would have something else to do rather than masturbate all day.
Jake masturbates less because of video games but he still spends his time masturbating for two times longer then the amount of time playing on his xbox.
by OrnluTheWolf March 28, 2011
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What us geeks and nerds did before anyone else, back when they weren't cool, or 3d, or anything. Now, it's an international phenomenon helping us get fat, lazy, and girlfriends over the internet, with jocks as well as any playing stuff from halo to oblivion, wow, grand turismo, zelda, or anything else we all like.
Video games are the bane of human existence. And we will love them forever.
by Artifishalfish July 24, 2006
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