1. Something to do when your bored

2. A Scapegoat for the violence in America. When ironically American game developers are the companies who create such games.

3. Something people like to claim makes others dumb and fat. It takes intelligence to play video games. My only understanding of why someone would claim it makes someone stupid, is because they don't understand video games. A.K.A Can't Get Past the 1st Level
1. This car ride is taking forever, I think I'll play a video game.

2. Video games are the main cause of violence in America. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris played Doom before they shot up their classmates, so the game made them do that. (Not that the constant daily harrassment and violence towards them had anything to do with it, or the school slacking off about it)

Violent videogames are mainly created by American game developers. We can't blame Japanese companies like Sega or Nintendo, because for the most part they refuse to associate themselves with any of the gaming companies who produce these violent games. At least when Japan wants to be violent in their games, it has style.

3. People who claim gamers are fat and stupid. Mainly those who do not excell at gaming, so rather taking the time and effort to gain skill at the art of gaming, they simply put gamers down.

Frankly my view is if you sit and watch TV all day, vs gaming all day, at least when you game you're interacting and thinking. If you're just watching TV. It's like if you say I got through a hard level yesterday, at least that's an accomplishment. What do you accomplish from sitting on your ass watching TV, Cartman?
by Jackie March 02, 2004
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the most fun and underrated thing in the world.
Video games aren't gangsta or punk rock, just making that clear.....
by ReaperZero October 08, 2006
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computerized games involving many gernes of types
I play video games because murder in real life is illegal.
by Bob Smith May 01, 2003
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1. A side-option to having sexual intercourse.
2. Better than sliced bread.
1. Sherryl said she would have sex with me, but I'm almost finished with Devil May Cry 3 on hard mode!
2. Video games are better than sliced bread.
by JT195 May 23, 2006
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invention made to distract males from their females to reduce the amount of babies born
i lay in bed naked while my boyfriend cannot stop playing the stupid video game to fuck me
by horny101 October 29, 2011
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Interactive games with video and audio. Many video games first created were simple, video games now are very interactive, like the Wii, XB360 and PS3. The definitions for video games/systems on this sight are just fanboys trying to make there company sound cool by saying things like "wii owns XB360 sucks ass and is a waste of money." Why can't we all admit that All video game systems are greaT?
Tom: "Lets go play some video games on the Wii, 360, and PS3."
Jeff: "Yeah because we like them all equally!"
by Jonny Phone March 10, 2007
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The only form of entertainment besides music that is actually fun and interesting anymore.
I hardly watch TV, but I LOVE video games. :)
by Marco K. May 18, 2010
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