1. Best invention ever made

2. A target for soccer moms (see soccer mom) and politicians everywhere.
The lead to violence in schools is videogames like Hookerkill 2004 and PsychoMurderer '03
by Dan Black February 18, 2004
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An escape from life, like (see weed). When you get back, the problems of life hit you in the face like a brick.
mother: why are you on those games so much?
son: Everything else sucks.
by leah March 29, 2005
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A program that is more than a form of entertainment. It offers us an escape from the dullness of reality, a place where we can do things we actually can't.
Grand Theft Auto III lets you buy whores, kill them, and get your money back.
by who wants to know? May 20, 2004
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a form of entertainment that is composed of any type of game put into a digital image on a screen and is operated by the player through means of a control connected to a form of a console

commonly a scapegoat for politicians and crappy parents

my hobby
ace combat 4,halo,alien vs predator 2,mortal kombat,street fighter,megaman X,kirby,super mario world, and yoshi's island made my kid gouge my wife's left eye out and feed it to our dog,i woulda stopped him or tought him better,but i was to drunk off my ass to be a proper parent
by covenant mastermind September 16, 2003
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Parents blame videogames for being a bad influence on children. Yet they can drink,smoke and argue in front of their kids and thats ok?
by ZeroX January 31, 2004
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