A form of entertainment for people who have no interest in life. It is designed to brainwash little boys into thinking video games are in real life. So they now have desires to kill, run over, or shoot people in real life. And for those grown ups, people like video games because they have no interest in life and will never get a girlfriend. They play this "video game" 24/7 and will never have time for their real life situations. These people can be called nerds, low lifes, or just a plain simple "get a fucking life you fuckimg fag!! All you do is sit around and play video games!! Get a girlfriend or something". This situation can be caused to mainly the male gender of ages 12 to maybe until they die. This is very common in the United States. Many people of the male gender have died because of video games. This is why we mostly have more females in this country (which is not bad just saying).
Low life: hey what are you going to get for christmas?
Normal Guy: I'm just getting clothes
Low life: awww that sucks I'm getting the gta 4 and gears of war. Im also getting a new headseat for my xbox 360 amd new controllers to play with my buddies (more low lifes)
Normal guy:what do you mean? I actually want clothes so i can impress my girlfriend. Unlike you, faggot, i actually have a life!! I dont stay in my house playing video games, i go places and hang out with my friends!!

*walks away*
Low life: friends, who needs them?
by Blassyboy June 06, 2009
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A relatively new form of entertainment. Kids with no lives are marketed towards more than any one else. Some kids say it is the best form of entertainment, when they never actually try anything else. You will never see a smile on someones face while they are playing video games. Note:if you play video games all day, or even an hour a day, you are a nerd with no real life.
Person with a life: Hey John, I'm going to Yellowstone, do you want to join me?
John the Nerd: NOOOO I'm trying to level up my elf!
Person with a life: You do realize you gain nothing out of video games right?
John the Nerd: NOOOO They teach me how to... I think you're right. NOOOOOO! I spent hundreds on my collection.
Person with a life: You are still a nerd who will inevitably fail at life.
by Videogamessuck September 25, 2008
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a word for using,posessing,or buying marajuana
i played video games last night.
My friends and i are just going home to play video games
by remington marie gaughan May 02, 2008
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An entertainment device used to mess up childrens brains, school efforts, and or social efforts. usualy around the ages from 7-18 are the ones affected greatly.
Mom:"why are you failing art?! its the easiest thing possible!"
Kid:"I dont know blame video games thats what realy fucked me up!"
by a-hairymuff April 05, 2009
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It's like a drug for Autistics
Lauren dumped her boyfriend because all he cared to do was play Video Games and depend on welfare.
by partyrockstar222 February 29, 2016
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A type of thing you do on a screen that can distract you from anything for a long time.
via giphy
by PrismaticPorter September 08, 2018
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I want to go outside, but I'd rather spend my time on video games. Life sucks
by WaterFireCraft November 29, 2018
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