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The speed at which time passes around you while you play video games. Different games have different video game times.
When playing Call of Duty Black Ops time goes by at about 3x normal, thus playing for 3 hours will really only feel like 1
Person 1: Get off the xbox you've been playing for like an hour ::: Person 2: YEAH, but my video game time's like half that!
by tyw112 May 27, 2011
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The rate of time that passes when playing video games, which is much faster. 10 minutes in Video game time tends to be an hour in real time, although it depends on the game.
Example one
Mum "Timmy where the hell you been all day?"
Timmy"What do you mean? I've only been gaming for an hour."
Mum"Timmy, it's 4pm!"
Timmy" Ah crap I thought it was 10! I guess it was only an hour in video game time."

Example two
Mum "Larry dinners gonna be ready in 10 minutes!"
*A minute of video game time passes*
Mum "Larry come on dinners ready!"

Larry "But it's only been a minute? Ah video game time."
by mrperson123 January 31, 2018
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