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Operator of large - heavy earth pounding vehicle primarily use in seismic/geophysical exploration industry. This specialist is usually required to maintain, QC, and operate
a vibrator to meet the requirments of Vibe Tech. and Observer. Operators are usually selected by management from seismic line crews. The selection is made by personal attributes that may include one or all of the following: an individules high degree of laziness, simple mindedness, degree of irritation by his/her colligues , or one may be selected by their notable bitching, whinning, or crying. Although these individuals are part of the recording crew they are usually ranked among surveyers and drillers.
These individules are sleezes with a job title.
Damn, I'm sure wish one of the vibe op's could speek english, that way we might be able to help them when they have a problem !!!
by ProjectAmerican May 17, 2006
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