meaning that to express yourself, your emotions, to release yourself out.
venting: expressing you feeling for someone

for example you crush
by Anonymous_pIJN November 11, 2020
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When venting a beer for chugging a little bitch uses a towel so they won't get a booboo.
Hey did you see Ben Macey using that venting towel?

-yeah that kids a huge pussy
by Gggardner December 11, 2016
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Email or snail mail that's purpose is for venting some steam.
My sister sent me vent mail after her husband called her chubby.
by mellymel103 March 30, 2010
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a man that will crawl in your vent and eat toe nails it finds on your floor it can flatten to fit in any vent and was first spotted in a camp in Manitoba Canada
vent mans in the vents hide your toes
by pilotfox;) April 19, 2021
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The act of having sexual intercourse in a ventilation duct.
I went vent thumping with my girl last night at the theater
by swagydefiner February 01, 2017
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When you hide weed or other drugs inside your vent
Bro you got any vent weed inside of your frat house?
by Jalove011104 November 25, 2016
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