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One of the teams in "World Series Of Pop Culture," they kicked the Lazer Wolves out, and really shut the annoying damn Cheetara cheerleaders or whatever those things are up. They consist of the members Nne, Jason, and Alex. They have such a cool logo, that should be the logo of VH1 :) and World Series of Pop Culture. Anyway they are the coolest team and it was really disappointing to see them lose to the Boeghy Bunch. Dave really such have creamed Jim in the Semi Finals, but it was so ironic.. Anyway they know their things, and should find no problems in their careers.
Dude the Velvet Rope Revolution is the best team out in the World Series of Pop Culture.
Jim: ACDC.
Pat: Thats incorrect. Dave you have a chance to steal.
Dave: Metallica.
Pat: Thats correct.
Dave: You really shouldn't have said that.
Jim: Why not?
Dave: Because I was deciding between the two, ACDC or metallica either one.
Jim: *in his head* Oh you fucking smart ass.
No he is! Dave is so smart and cool, not to be gay or anything.
by Abdul Haq July 28, 2006
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