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noun: a condition in which a person constantly thinks something is wrong with his or her car, especially after it comes out of the shop or someone else has driven it
Guy 1: I swear something doesn't feel right about my car!
Guy 2: Dude, it just came out of the shop! Nothing's wrong with it. You've just got vehicular hypochondria.
by the1andonlyofo February 15, 2012
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A severe mental disability in which sufferers chronically experience acute anxiety attacks related to the welfare of their vehicles. A typical vehicular hypochondriac may face bouts of depression and paranoia stemming from the false belief that his/her car is malfunctioning when it is in fact operating in perfect order.
Sane Human Being: Why are you giving away all of your earthly possessions and digging a large hole in the ground in front of a tombstone with your name on it?

Vehicular Hypochondriac: Well, my check engine light came on today. I'm going to die.
by MikeMikeMikeJimJim April 09, 2010
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A mechanical condition where your car leaks fluids, blows smoke, and makes horrible noises...until you take it to the shop and the mechanic can't find anything wrong with your vehicle. After spending $45 an hour for a diagnostic check which revealed nothing, the vehicle runs perfect.
Customer: "The Check-Engine Light and Service Engine Soon Light both came on. I smelled a burning smell, like something electrical. Then there was this grinding noise on the right side."

Mechanic: "I drove it around for 30 minutes and I didn't hear or smell anything. If you notice anything, bring it back and we'll deduct the price of today's service from the repair."

Customer: "I think my car's suffering from Vehicular Hypochondria! I swear it sounded like it was going to die! Now it's perfect. Go figure!"
by Turkey Trot April 24, 2012
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