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when a girl is wearing thong panties and they ride up into her crotch. it's a combo of wedgie and vulva or vagina
oh man, i have a gnarly vedgie right now. (then she sticks her hand down her pants and re-adjusts her underwear)
by Stacy Rapoport November 22, 2003
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a wedgie in the vaginal area instead of the anal. very uncomfortable and sometimes cuts deep into a girls lips...
this vedgie is cutting off my circulation...
by thong lover and supporter February 11, 2005
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when if feels like the crotch of your pants is going up inside your vagina. the sister version of a wedgie.
v: my shorts are going up my vagina! i need to pull them out.
t: yea, i hate it when i have a vedgie.
by danceisamazing August 18, 2009
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When a girl wears a thong and it rides up her vagina.

A combo of a Wedgie,
And A vagina

Hence, Vedgie.
And it hurts like a bitch
Damn, this vedgie is killin me
by The Murch May 12, 2007
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An wedgie given to a girl only instead of getting the back of the thong yanked up she gets the front.
I just know i am gonna get a good vedgie from my boyfriend tonight

after which i am put in a painful hanging vedgie
by Zelda March 27, 2005
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Happens when you get a wedgie in your vagina. Can be rather uncomfortable and you may look weird when pulling one out.
She had a terrible vedgie, so she decided to run in the bathroom to pull it on out.
by KillerHobo June 01, 2006
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