A form of crypto currency in a video game called Fortnite. Also known as, "Virgin Bucks"
"You know what V-bucks stands for right? Virgin Bucks."
by FloppyDisk9445 February 27, 2021
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The currency in the gay game Fortnite that actually could mean:
Vagina Bucks
Virgin Bucks
Vegan Bucks
Veal Bucks
My friend is a virgin because he bought some v-bucks

U homosexual
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The most valuable currency to ever be conceived by man.
Ali-A: Hey guys, today ill be doing a free VBUCK giveaway!!!

12-year-old-defaulty-boi: I wIsH i HaD vBuCc!!
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by Lt.Weegee December 04, 2018
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