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Someone who makes vaping their entire life, but is neither a vape god or a vape hipster. They tend to wear snapbacks and clothes that may have their vape company of choice's logo, and often sport undercuts. If they are able to grow facial hair, they tend to have goatees. A vape boy is commonly a hypebeast as well.

Even if they started vaping to quit cigarettes, they are quickly absorbed into the lifestyle and are indistinguishable from people who started vaping as a fashion statement. They are more preoccupied with looking cool than vaping safely, leading to many "hilarious" stories about their vapes catching fire or the time they puked from too much nicotine.
A vape boy sat relaxed on the bench while blowing billowing clouds . Every so often, he'd look around to see if people saw how big they got, but his shades hid that fact. He sincerely hoped someone did.
by Dr. Sigh December 28, 2017
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