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teenage female who seems to have no idea where she is. usually found off the coast of california. seemingly beautiful in nature but truly idiotic. likes to use the phrases "like omg" and inserts the word "like" wherever she possibly can
"like OMG can you believe that he, like, did that!? OMG its, like, so, like, stupid, like, really, like, stupid! like, yeah"
... what a stupid valley girl.
by mizz hunni June 28, 2003
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a girl who spends 99.9% of her waking hours at the mall, and says..."totally", "whatever" and "oh my gosh/god)" wayyy too much
"omg lets like go to the mall"
"totally cool idea!"
by kalie June 26, 2004
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A spoiled, idiotic adolescent female from the southwestern part of the United States, typically rich and white, whose language is insulting to human intelligence.
Proof that the San Andreas fault needs to hurry up with sinking California back into the Pacific Ocean.
Just watch the "Clueless" movie or TV show to see a good example of what a valley girl is.
by AYB June 29, 2003
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Valley Girl refers to girls in the 1980s and the 1990s. These girls usually resided in the valley area of California.
Valley girls are generally refered to as "A ditz with a credit card." You have seen actors play roles in movies suck as..."Valley Girl" which stared Nicholas Cage. As well as "Clueless" which stared Alicia Silverstone.
by Queen B. February 04, 2010
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noun. Girl who is from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles (area code 818)
any female in the movie "2 days in the valley" or Julie from "valley girl" (1983)
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
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A female born in the San Fernando Valley (part of Los Angeles County). Made famous through a movie staring Nicholas Cage entitled "Valley Girl". Stereotypes include excess use of words such as "like, duh, tubular, rad, awesome, totally, and oh my god", being white and rich, fasion icons, ditzy, stupid, blonde, or beach going freaks.

A Valley Girl is a Valley Girl only because of the location she was born. In The Valley.

P.S. Brittney Spears was born in Louisiana. She is not a Valley Girl by any means.

Hi, I'm originally from L.A.! I'm a Valley Girl by no fault of my own!
by grace1129 June 23, 2006
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1) A girl that comes from the San Fernando Valley that can be very prepy, rich, and usually spolied. Says like, omg, jk or kk a lot in sentences, and loves shopping in the mall.

2) Wears clothes which are usualy situated for the winter, even when its in the middle of summer. (it doesn't bother them)

3) (the most irritating thing) It is in a group in 2 or more, they usualy stare at you for a while then whisper among themselves, they then leave the room or place, etc...
5-10 mins later they return and do the same process. No one but themselves know what they are talking about.

4) Hardcore Valley Girls don't admit that they are valley girls and get pissed off if you call them one.

No one really likes Valley Girls but each other.
1) Like omg, yesterday was like totaly cool, i went shopping and got myself a $5 dress!

2) (conversation between 2 boys)
Boy 1: dude, why is that girl wearing winter clothes
Boy 2: because she is a valley girl

3) (conversation between 2 boys, and 2 girls but in different areas)

Boy 1: Dude did you see that fight last night in that nightclub?

Boy 2: No, but it was in the news, one guy actually got his head cut off.

Girl 1: ;/';;;# (random gibberish)
Girl 2: {<:}{:@~{!!!

Boy 1: Look the Valley Girls are staring at us
Boy 2: Oi, what you talking about

(dead silence)

Girl 1: ;'#;;#;!!!
Girl 2: @}@@?~&)*(&!!!!!!!

(they run off)

Boy: Oh look its the Valley Girls
Girl: Stop making fun of us, we aint Valley Girls
Boy : But you live in the Valley?
Girl: Yeah but like we aint like the Valley Girls
by Downtown wtf August 20, 2007
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