Probably the dumbest day of the year. You desperatly spend money for something for someone you don’t like very much to pretend there is something there you know is not.
I hate Valentines Day just because I'm single. It's another reason to hate my life.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
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an entirely commercial holiday that serves no real purpose. It forces people in relationships to buy each other gifts that at any other time of the year they wouldn't think of buying each other. For the most part these gifts are grossly overpriced and cheaply made. After you spend all this money on gifts you now have to spend some more money on dinner at a fancy restaraunt were the food will probally suck and you will end up stopping at McDonald's later anyway. The one good this about this Holiday...I've you followed all the guidlines and spent the right amount of money, chances are you are going to get lucky!
Nothing says I love you on Valentine's Day like a cute little teddy bear that every single fucking Hallmark store has 500 of in their front window. It's like I didn't even want to try to find you something that you would appreciate. I just picked the first thing with a red heart on it that saw!
by Bonita Applebum February 21, 2006
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1.Best day of the year to commit suicide. This day serves two purposes.
1: allows those bitches at hallmark to feed their children.
2: lowering the earths population
george: I'm planning on commiting suicide sometime because im alone...
johnny: Well valentines day is coming up!
by L to the iam February 14, 2006
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A holiday occuring on the 14th day of February where guys are expected to get girls one of a few things:
1)flowers (red roses preferrribly)
2)chocolate (not white, but the regular)
3)a card (one that's red with a heart on it)

B) That one day of the year where 90% of "good" guys are so depressed they are ready to go crawl in a hole and die because they have no one who loves them.
"Hey hunk, what are you getting me for Valentine's Day?"

"hey man what's wrong? You seem really down in the dumps like you hate the world, you alright"
"leave me alone, it's valentine's day"
by J.T. the Bible Scholar February 19, 2004
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A stupid fucking holiday where guys have to spend from $1,000-100,000 on their wife or girlfriend, and when single people have to endure the "hey what did you get for valentines day,or HEY OH MY GODDDDDD LOOK AT THIS BRACELET JAKE BOUGHT ME OMMGGGGGG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL NOW WHAT DID YOU GET ME AND HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND %1,000,000? OH MY GODDDD I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
No bitch I didn't get you shit.
Roses are red, violets are blue
bacardi, jack, yager, and jews.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005
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a holiday created by candy stores,card companyies,and flower shops to boost sales.
by Birdman February 13, 2004
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A stupid day when mindless droids who claim the will be together forever exchange gifts and crap...Losers
I dont need anyone eho likes Valentine's day
by Chad March 31, 2004
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