an evil and pointless holiday that makes people feel left out (i.e. us single folk), depressed, and unloved.

a useless excuse to give your s.o. candy and flowers when u should be doing that all year round, just like you should be helping the homeless all year round and not just on thanksgiving, xmas, and the superbowl.

singles awareness day.
as usual, im single on valentine's day. we gotta be aware of the other singles.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e February 16, 2006
1: A marketing ploy designed to create the expectation between couples that they will buy useless, overpriced "gifts" for one another that will be quickly forgotten the day afterward.
2: A cruel, vicious holiday designed to mock single people and remind them of just how lonely they are.
1: My girlfriend got pissed 'cuz I didn't get her some shit for Valentine's Day.
2: Valentines Day makes me want to crawl in a hole and die.
by Gazuga April 22, 2004
February 14th. a sad day for most, it leaves the single with suicidal feelings, and the couples hoping that their significant other will get them something worthwhile. Even if they act somewhat sane, single women and girls are going through a jealous rage with the thought of "not having a valentine". especially when their friends are flaunting all the lucious gifts their beau's have given them.
I am often single on valentines day. I fill my brain up with liquor, and drink away the pain.
by miss_sixty February 13, 2006
1. an evil "holiday" that is a big crock.

2. a day where people who are single and hating it and recently divorced people are depressed becausing of the glamourization of "love".

3. also known as single's awareness day.
Retailers are excited about Valentine's Day because it will generate more profit.

I'm going to be so depressed on Valentine's Day.

For Valentine's Day me and my single friends are going to go out, try to have fun, and get drunk.
by Marcy January 29, 2004
Just another dumb holiday to make single people feel like second-class citizens.
I HATE Valentines Day. Every year its the same thing, "I'll have someone next year" or maybe "see what next year holds" or "you will have someone real soon." Bla Blaa Bla. Hell, I'm almost 30 and still alone. It all makes me sick.
by krock1dk December 24, 2007
The day the CEO of Hershey's jumped in bed with the CEO of Hallmark to figure out a way to rip off more nieve Americans of their money and manipulating them into believing they need some other desperate person to make their lives better.
Valentines Day is probably the stupidest day of the whole year. I hate it.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
A "holiday" that only applies to people already in a relationship. For everyone else, it's just a regular day
Happy fucking Valentine's Day
by katie was here August 18, 2007
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