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A "warm and inviting" term / euphemism for vagina.

Created by Rayne of "Least I Could Do".
You are a giant vagoo.
Mmmm... vagoo.
by Bob Santos February 23, 2005
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Another name for the little pink hole that is on the underside of women; the well-known male PENIS is inserted into it when it is erect. It is also what motivates men to have babies.
Brad: Hey, can I see your vagoo?

Jenny: Sure! (smiles)
(shows vagoo)

Brad: Wow, that is a nice vagoo.

Jenny: I get that a lot. Thank you.
by Mr. Homie Nigg August 09, 2010
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Slang for a woman's vagina.

Mistakenly credited to 'Least I Could Do', but actually first showed up in the pages of a Fate/Stay Night doujinshi years before the webcomic used the term.

Since the original doujinshi censored the word "vagina", it showed up as vag followed by several OOOs.
"Here! ......My vagOOO! To my... my..."
by Otaku-na November 23, 2009
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Yesterday i felt up jim's vagoo. it was weird because jim is a man. i do not like jim's vagoo any longer.
by ron burghandy August 04, 2006
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