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Vaginal mosquitoes is a newly discovered STI/STD that affects sexually active and infected women who have come into contact with a man infected with the disease known as "penile termites".

A man infected with penile termites, during intercourse, through repeated thrusting of the penis into the vagina will expose and embed termites into the walls of the vagina. These termites burrow deep and form a cocoon- like structure that protects them during a woman's cycle. Usually, within a month the cocoon will break open and a newly transformed vaginal mosquito will be present and will fly and live within the woman.

Vaginal mosquitoes are not deadly and they are treatable with anti-biotics and mosquito repellant.
Amanda had a bad case of the vaginal mosquitoes- but luckily some bug spray fixed the problem!

I can't sit still, my vaginal mosquitoes are running wild.
by rarballa July 14, 2010
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