A menstrual ejection. When a woman is menstruating, and she queefs a blood clot.
I was giving your mom a donkey punch when she popped a vaginal blood fart.
by Uncle Funkalunkel October 10, 2003
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a very grotesque term. not sure if it has any actually meaning. fun thing to say.
god dammit john your such a vaginal blood fart
by SUBsequent01 January 22, 2014
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When the vagina farts and a little squirt of blood comes out
hey everybody i had my first vaginal blood fart expeirience
by chuck mangeoni December 24, 2006
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The sound made when a woman who is having her period and has not washed in several days; has sex with a large man which causes a pussy fart.
I was fucking Linda last night when she blasted me with a chunky festering vaginal blood fart and man did it smell.
by smokin_oil December 7, 2009
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The most foul and disgusting epithet a person can bestow on another, as it is foul and disgusting in and of itself.

The most rancid of all pussy farts, in both sight and smell.
You're nothing more than a festuring vaginal blood fart.
by Beavis_H_Christ April 7, 2004
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the most hideous thing one could call a woman next to being a cunt.
you're such a yeast infected vaginal blood farting fuckmussel!
by nick slammer June 17, 2008
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