My god damn favorite part of my body.
Whenever I get turned on a lot, it starts throbbing, possibly getting wet.
What feels best is to move your fingers quickly just inside of it, teasing her, then quickly shove your fingers in and move your fingers in a "petting" motion, making sure not to just sit there stabbing it, that doesn't feel to hot.
It also gets cranky once a month, which can be a bitch.
My vagina is pink, it smells nice.
by Miss Jane August 18, 2005
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The female pleasure center and reproductive tool, whose needs men mistakenly believe they can satisfy while their women fake contentment and sneak into the bathroom later to find the real thing.
Maria stroked her lonely vagina consolingly.
by LorettaLee January 12, 2012
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The female genitalia, also the most sexual part of the female body. It's said that practicing cunnilingus is the most wonderful thing you can do for a woman, and expresses love, admiration, and it makes her look sexy......but given the purposefully-mysterious nature of women, these have yet to be confirmed as "fact".

Nevertheless, pussy always drives ANYONE crazy.
"I always loved pussy, but back when I was in 7th grade, I was called a fag because I preferred pussy over tits. YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS!"

"If I had a girlfriend and we were extremely intimate, I'd have my fun with pleasing that sleek, hot, luscious, succulent pussy of hers. ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ There are SO MANY ways to have fun with pussy. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ You can rub it, lick it, massage it, stick it, cuddle it, stroke it, and MORE!"
by Dave July 11, 2004
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vagina's can get very wet and can be very tight
Marie's vagina is very tight and always wet
via giphy
by moo1981 September 05, 2016
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