The genitalia for a woman. Used naturally for sexual intercourse, which was also created to be pleasing. Sexual intercourse will also result in procreation, furthuring the extent of the human race, as it was created to be.
Many people feel akward talking about vagina or penis because they are often used in extremely inappropriate forms, particularly on this website.
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 22, 2004
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The storeroom for the man's cock.
A.K.A pussy
If it is cold in the winter, than leave your cock in a vagina, it will get warm there
by Me=Myself=I August 26, 2020
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also known as the "pussy" its most commonly found in the southern region of the female body, feeding mainly on dicks and tampons, occasionally fingers, tongues, and dildos. its natural pray, the penis, penetrates the vagina with it's stealth attack while the pussy's only defense mechanism is its fatal grip, repeatedly choking the wang until it throws up. non-domestic vaginas roam wild and free in some isolated areas called BUSHES
he stuck his penis in her vagina
by porkchop842 July 28, 2009
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1) A hole that guys wish they could stay in forever.

2) Something guys want that can cost a lot of money.

3) A guys favorite play toy.
I lost my vagina. Can I borrow yours?
by Mr. MD January 22, 2007
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The thing that will at some point take over a straight man's (or lesbian woman's. Depends how you roll) life.
Man 1: Remember when we were little and played games and stuff?
Man 2: Yea, that was great.
Man 1: Yea...what the hell happened?
Man 2: We discovered vagina.
by alex says 97 July 19, 2010
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*The Best Engine in the World*
It can be started with one finger...
It takes any size piston...
and it changes its own oil every 4 weeks.
It is only a pity that the management system is so fucking tempermental.
by the trans am guy February 06, 2010
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Guarded by the clitoris and ass hole, this dark, wet and aromatic cave is meant to be the resting place of the elusive G-spot. Note that the G-spot, like dragons, vampires and other cave dwelling mythical beasts have not been proven to exist, and are unlikely to be in the near future, genetic engineering aside.

Note that the vagina, like draculas wive's, is a double edged sword. It often gives untold pleasures and after 9 months sucks the life out of you!

Vaginas are often used as bait to capture unsuspecting males, they can be found in bars and clubs across the world touting for a new host. Unlike sport fishermen who also use bait to catch their prey, vagina owners are unlikey to just take a picture of their catch and let it go.

Most species who observe a reliance on other animals tend to have a symbiotic relationship with their provider, the leech is an example of this, they take what they need and leave. Vagina owners tend to take everything and leave just an empty shell, note that this does not mean other vagina owners will not try to snare the shell and remove the last scrapings of humanity.
"Her vagina was his downfall, without it she would have had no power over him."

"A vagina, a vagina, my kingdom for a vagina" - King Richard III's lesser knowing saying in Shakespeares play, this scene edited out to fit the play into a 2 hour show.
by Lambardo September 24, 2006
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