A woman's private part used to pee/entrance for a dick to be inserted in
Lori was waiting at her apartment door. Sandy went in the apartment, shocked when he saw Lori topless. Lori's breasts were nice and large. Sandy quickly undressed himself and pulled Lori's panties down. Lori's vagina was a bit fuzzy but not really hairy. Sandy inserted his dick slowly in her vagina. "Ohh ahhh yess baby... Deeper... Ohhhh" Lori moaned. Sandy got harder and he pushed his dick deeper in Lori's vagina. Lori moaned and shouted Sandy's name. "Shout my name louder or I'll take my dick out," Sandy said. "SANDY!!!" Lori exclaimed. Sandy thrusts his dick deeper in. Lori moaned. Sandy took his dick out and started to finger Lori. "Ohhhhh yess baby... Ohhhh" Lori moaned. Suddenly, a woman named Christy rushed in the apartment room. "Lori... Lick my vagina!" Christy exclaimed. Lori quickly nodded and started to lick Christy's vagina as Sandy thrusted Christy's butt. Christy moaned hard, then she turned to Sandy and started sucking his dick. Sandy moaned and cummed in Christy's mouth. Christy swallowed the cum and she kissed Sandy's dick. Sandy thrusted his long dick in Christy's vagina as he fingered Lori. Sandy was so happy. They fell asleep with Sandy's dick in Christy's vagina and Sandy's finger in Lori's vagina.
by coolquack7 November 11, 2014
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The black hole between women's legs that sucks all common sense from men, forcing them to do its every bidding.
Girl: "Can I have a ride?"

Guy: "No."
Girl: "Please? I'll have to walk 6 miles..."

Guy: "Tough shit."
Girl: "...I'll have sex with you."
Guy: *Picks up girl, throws her in the car, jumps into the drivers seat and peals off at speeds his car had never before reached leaving a flaming trail behind him*

Who runs the world? Girls.

Why? Because they have vaginas.
by Fatass Sumo July 21, 2014
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The gate way to human pleasure. Don't get to excited about that. It does come at a terrible price known as a women.
I entered the vagina and paid the price. I was nagged and bitched at all day.
by badgerman5566 January 29, 2011
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Looking up vagina at this site? Huh? Your like 10. Get a life.
Dad: What are you doing on the Urban dictionary?
Son: Looking up Vagina cause i have no life :D
Dad: Oh, Okay.
by Kuaxiii January 13, 2016
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Used for sex, oral sex, squeezing out a baby and spreading genital herpies
I shoved my dick in her vagina after I orally stimulated it and gave her my herpies, then in 9 months a baby popped out.
by Gman1433 May 25, 2005
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