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Pimp Daddy Darrel: Yo Shanikwa you dumb bitch, why you got dat vag breath. Aintchu know you supposed to suck dicks too?
Shaniquwa: I aint no bitch, bitch! You don't know nutting esse. And my breath only smell like the cooter cuz the douche didnt tell me he aint got a dick.
Pimp Daddy Darrel: Shut the fuck up or else I rip off yo head and shit down ya neck!
Shanikwa: Bring it bitch!
Pimp Daddy Darrel: I already brought it bitch! I aint afraid-a-no skanky ass vag breath bitch like youselfs!
Shanikwa: Mkay. Ima go shit now.
Pimp Daddy Darrel: All you bitches the same. Shit shit shit, then you want me to clean up da poo. Aint happenin no mo...
by Pimp Daddy Darrel November 30, 2010
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