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a medium sized mammal that lives inside a woman's frontbottoms and weaves itself an elaborate protective canopy out of muff hair
Do you stock something called a vag badger?

No, we just sell shoes.
by CellBlock March 11, 2005
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Someone who relentlessly tears into vagina. A larger, more aggressive relative of the twattermite.
She walks so funny because her boyfriend is a complete vagbadger.
by Dr. Doolots April 02, 2010
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noun. One who continuously attempts to get a girl's attention by following her and pestering her with pointless talk while ultimately hoping to gain entry into her pants.
Colin: Hey Anna. I know I just talked to you 5 minutes ago, but Hey again!!

Anna: Colin! Quit being such a vag badger! If you want to fuck just say something, gosh.
by thevagbadger July 06, 2009
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A vicious and often aggressive pussy eater who tends to exibit characteristics such as short- thick legs, long claws, and excessive amounts of body muff.
I tell u what, Clyde is a real Vag Badger!
by TrevorK89 May 05, 2015
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