A huge penis that you only want inside of you once every couple months.
This guy had a vacation dick I don't know if I can handle it again
by IloveyouVenezia April 10, 2016
Penis of such large size, one can only take it as much as vacations.
I met a guy last night with the perfect vacation dick. But i cant take it again for a while.
by Daveguys April 10, 2016
As opposed to boyfriend dick.
A penis that is so big, it proves unrealistic for long term use.
Better used every now and again, like a vacation.
"Are you going to see him again?"
"Not for a few months, he's got that vacation dick. As much as a constant vacation sounds good, my body can't handle it 24/7.
by jb181382 April 9, 2016
A dick that is far larger than average. It is good to fuck once to take a vacation but is too big to be an everyday occurrence like boyfriend dick
A: I had some great sex last night.
B: Why so good?
A: I got a nice vacation dick, too big for normal fucking but it was a nice change of size for one night.
by kvincett April 30, 2016
A dick larger in size than your used to. It's exciting and fulfilling like a nice vacation.
"I totally had vacation dick last night, it was better than my 3 nights in Vegas!"
by TheJediGolfer April 10, 2016
A dick that's too big to take on a daily basis, but makes for good vacation sex. Bigger than a boyfriend dick.
Shawn's got a total vacation dick. That's why all the girls have him as their sidedick.
by HungryDrummer April 14, 2016
A horse size penis that you can't really handle but you figure f it I'm drunk and take it anyways.
Holy hell, he had a vacation dick Amy. I didn't think it would fit but I was so drunk it didn't even matter. Now I won't be able to walk right for weeks.
by Dead possum April 10, 2016