you are still a virgin so therfore you are in the v club
''omg karen is still in the v club''

john-''thats hot''
by alexaveedah October 29, 2007
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a member of the v-club is a virgin
by Jo and Angie April 2, 2003
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The "V-Club" is made up of all the virgins in the world. If you haven't yet lost your virginity, then you are a member of the V-Club.
Jill: "Jack and I STILL haven't had sex. I'm gonna be a virgin forever!!!"
Danni: "Girl, you ain't gonna be in the V-Club much longer. Don't worry."
by Cormany10 February 23, 2008
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Virgin Club. A club for those who have never had sex.
I have never known the pleasure of a woman; I am a member of the V Club
by Jack Meoff Again October 26, 2007
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An offshoot of the D Club for people with female sex organs and/or breasts.

the B & V club is a social grouping of people who have comfortably shown each other their breasts and/or vaginas. B & V club meetings are usually conducted before a group of people are expected to be naked in the same room together and involves a full minute of staring at each other's genitals for a full minute.

Both clubs are utilized to reduce social awkwardness of accidentally seeing someone elses vagina or penis and trying to avoid looking at it by platonically addressing that awkwardness.
roommate 1: hey are you in the B & V club
roommate 2: no
roommate 1: ok lets deal with this out of the gate, here's my tits
roommate 2: man, im really peepin your sweet tits
by Federal Reserve System December 19, 2016
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Someone who is a pussy and wont ever have sex EVER!!!!
That guy in the 40 Year old Virgin was still in the V Club
by Super Marine90 January 13, 2011
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Guy lingo for a sexual encounter. Slang for having sex with your girlfriend.
"Dude, did you hit that shit, or what?"

"Oh, yeah. The most awesome visit to Club V I've had in a long time"

by Salad Shooter May 16, 2007
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