Another gen-z synonyme for dope & gang. Originated from uzi SMG which is percieved as small, simple & cheap, yet very effective and well-done. Replacing dopeness for uziness.
That steak is absolutely uzi.
by bongoCatZ August 26, 2022
A graffiti tag that means " you see" ( U zeee ). The tag is used where the viewer of the tag is required to look at the object or environment the tag was placed, from a different perspective.
I seen a tag on a concrete post under a shopping mall. It was UZI followed by the pictogram of an eye and an ear. The meaning to me was clear "you see, I hear!". I took a moment to close my eyes and listen and all I could hear was the putrid sound of loud, endless, noise pollution.
by suitcase November 3, 2021
When you use a sawzall with a dildo head to insert into a vagina for pleasure at 3,000 strokes per minute.
Before I returned my sawzall I gave her a Christmas Uzi.
by Ceilinyoass November 17, 2020
Also goes by the name "Sonya" - the best and only rap lover. Literally coolest person that you will ever meet in life
0.5ft uzi showed me a list of their favourite spotify songs, I love their taste so much
by anonymous shart January 1, 2022
A person who is obsessed with weird devilish creatures. But I guess it's their hobby...
A person acts all edgy and decide to draw Hades and other Ancient Greek mythology. You know when they have braids on them and they act edgy, you know it's Lil Uzi Vert.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 7, 2022
When you have explosive diarrhea, and it blasts out of your ass in burst replicating the actions of an Uzi (gun).
Man! That bar food gave me the Uzi shits!


The neighbors called the cops because of my Uzi shits, they thought I was popping off rounds.
by TheWiseGuy15 June 16, 2021