A one of a kind typical phrase when a 50 year old fatty pat pat discord mod try's to be a chibi neko girl for the 69th time on Discord.
Neko._.gurl_cutie<3 (aka fatty pat mod man ) : uwu!! *Nuzzles your neck cutely* I hope you likeie!~

A person just trying to be in a sever: " wtf is wrong with u? "

Neko._.gurl_cutie<3 (aka fatty pat mod man again- ) : " Hmm? ,_, Does daddy not likeie? owo.. "

_ Clyde
Today at 6:09 PM
Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient. -
by Blixy_Nick November 30, 2020
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uwu is an expression whilst texting or talking, it’s often used by weebs. you can use it when you don’t give a shit about what the person you’re speaking to is saying or you just don’t know how to reply.
girl: so I broke my arm today and I have cancer

you: uwu
by uwuboii October 18, 2019
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a destructive chant that has starved the internet of normality.
mainly the language of furries and e-girls.

can be used by other pitiful children to look ‘aesthetic’ or ‘cute’
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A dangerous stunt used by highly trained professionals in the deadly art of flirting
Hey princess, wanna pretend being my cousin and sit on my cock? uwu
by Abu Sakif February 10, 2018
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A sign used by a cult. The two "U's" stand for closed eyes, and the "W" stands for a mouth. This is a dangerous sign used by furries to signal that they are in the Furry Community. It is recommended you try to escape the users of the word "uwu" at all costs.
CatCookieCupcakePaws: uwu! *notices your bolgy wolgy* OwO? what dis?

Milo: Get the f*ck away from me
by anonymous_rabbit December 3, 2020
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a reaction to cute stuff. it is like using XD or :3
person1: did you see junwoo of nct? he made my heart go uwu!
person2: i know right! he is so cute. his name should be junguwu.
by exo's number one expeni May 31, 2018
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UwU (or uwu) is a version of the text-faces ":3" or "^w^", however it can be seen as condescending/smug.
Tom: Hey Mike, how's it going?
Mike: Great! I just finished my essay for Mr. Lehrermann's class.
Tom: I haven't even started yet.
Mike: C'mon man, it's easy!
Tom: Lol no, it's not. It's beans, dude.
Mike: I found it quite easy. uwu
by Nalyd Enash November 13, 2015
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