uwu is an expression whilst texting or talking, it’s often used by weebs. you can use it when you don’t give a shit about what the person you’re speaking to is saying or you just don’t know how to reply.
girl: so I broke my arm today and I have cancer

you: uwu
by uwuboii October 18, 2019
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A dangerous stunt used by highly trained professionals in the deadly art of flirting
Hey princess, wanna pretend being my cousin and sit on my cock? uwu
by Abu Sakif February 10, 2018
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a reaction to cute stuff. it is like using XD or :3
person1: did you see junwoo of nct? he made my heart go uwu!
person2: i know right! he is so cute. his name should be junguwu.
by exo's number one expeni May 31, 2018
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when you're on a discord chat and you don't know what you can type so you type uwu for no reason and then somebody replies with a uwu
you: uwu
someone else: uwu
by twitch_user_datboi March 5, 2020
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UwU (or uwu) is a version of the text-faces ":3" or "^w^", however it can be seen as condescending/smug.
Tom: Hey Mike, how's it going?
Mike: Great! I just finished my essay for Mr. Lehrermann's class.
Tom: I haven't even started yet.
Mike: C'mon man, it's easy!
Tom: Lol no, it's not. It's beans, dude.
Mike: I found it quite easy. uwu
by Nalyd Enash November 13, 2015
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*nuzzles you* uwu! (No homo)

-"That's a cute fursuit, uwu."
-"Thanks, owo uwu *hugs you*"
by Heärted4765 March 7, 2019
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a destructive chant that has starved the internet of normality.
mainly the language of furries and e-girls.

can be used by other pitiful children to look ‘aesthetic’ or ‘cute’
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