Whenever a user posts some stupid crap and their usernames makes what they said make sense.
Assdestroya9000: I sure love ass.
ChillNotGayGuy: Username checks out.
RandomGayGuy69: Username above also checks out, what are you doing on gay men ass sub Reddit?!?!
by CUMSE March 12, 2021
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The single most frustrating thing in the world. Something that will invariably happen to you because someone 12 years ago took it and now you need to spend the next 10-20 minutes coming up with a new one that wasn't taken or altering your current one until it no longer resembles what you wanted
Any site in the history of the internet: "Username is already taken"

User: "Damn-it, now what the hell do I use?
by SeriousManMan December 28, 2017
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Here are just some aesthetic username ideas:

Here are some usernames for you to pick! You don't have to use it :) Danii is already taken!
by dxnii January 14, 2020
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when the government uses the first name of a person only for their college e-mail address to signify that they are well thought of and they use only their last name to signify that they have good character
USC used a set username placement for our students.
by Coop Dupe June 12, 2018
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What the BOFH asks when he wants to kick someone's e-ass. See what's your IP?
Luser: My account is empty!
BOFH: What was your username again?
Fish. Barrel. Shotgun.
by fizzle April 15, 2004
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I Can't Pick Usernames is a popular website, formed on the blogging platform, Tumblr. It is comprised of various humor-based memes, text posts, videos and GIFs.
"Jim, have are you following I Can't Pick Usernames?"
"You know it, my man!"
by Finn96 November 9, 2014
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Primarily used on the old gen consoles, (Xbox 360, PS3), so when some skid was trying to use xbox resolver or a psn resolver to grab your IP, they would fuck up the letters, was mainly used by modders
That dude gotta barcode username, he's prolly moddin
by 223s April 11, 2022
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