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a real kickass girl who likes 2 party and jus have funn amazin at sports, smart, and noes how 2 get wat they want pimP's cud b the alternate definition sexy fun and cant get enuff of guys not sluts but def not prude likez a nice challenge good fashion sense 2 in ohterwords there all around fantastic gurls who luv 2 party and get krUnK!
John: Watchu doin 2nite?
Bobby: Dude im hanging out with sum Ursuline girls wat else!
John: No WAY! u no ursuline girls do u no CP?
Bobby: hellz yes i do shez the biggest pimP at ursuline
John: haha yeah letz get goin those Ursuline chicks sure no how 2 have funn there the most kick ass gurls ive ever met!
by CP the pimP April 30, 2005
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A girl that is often compared to a Padua girl, but is mistaken for a hoe. She is a girl who may seem like a slut, but actually is deep and has feelings. May cause drama or be a bitch, so watch out cause they like starting fights. At Sallies dances, an Ursuline girl will not just try to take off a guys pants, but probably will grind with a random guy and possibly make out with the guy. A Padua girl would probably try to get their pants, i mean booty shorts, taken off. An Ursuline girl has a good education and is the life of the party in boring old DELAWARE.
Tom: Hey look at that slut!
Jesse: Dude, thats a Padua girl!
Tom: Oh, i meant hoe.
Jesse: Now look at that Ursuline girl!
Tom: i'd like me some Ursuline girl.
Jesse: Dude, she's not a padua girl! she's got, standards. right?
Tom: whatever, Ursuline girls beat the pada-hoes
by ohhhhh... September 24, 2009
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"You know you're an ursuline girl when... you get a fine for a library book you never checked see a boy and whisper to your friend 'what is that?' feel like a packmule coming home...your fingernails are bigger than ur know where Dijbouti is (right near Sudan and Samalia)
ua girls are wonderful...they can map the world by heart!
by uagirl February 14, 2005
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we are NOT slags we are NOT skets we are NOT hoes we DONT sit around talking about the last time we had sex but ...our skool IS the best girls school around :) now THAT is a good definition of an Ursuline Girl.
Ricards Girl-"Oh my god like i wish i could like go to like ursuline like it wud be so great like"
me- " Yes indeed it is very great i think people only diss my school cos they are all jealous :)"
by x Stacey x May 06, 2005
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A really cool girl.
NOT a slut.
243029385 Times better than a Hockaday girl.
Jesuit Guy #1: Dude, did you see that ursuline girl walk by???
Jesuit Guy #2: Yeah, she was hot--A LOT hotter than those fugly Hockaday sluts.
by yo mama January 13, 2005
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an Ursuline girl is a girl with enough money to shell out $13,000 for a good education. a girl who most likely has basketball in their blood. thats why they're in the top 25 in the nation.

lets go watch those ursuline girls kick ass in basketball! yeah lets go to w-town
by i<3ua March 09, 2006
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an amazingly hot girl thats knows shes the shit but still is sweet to everyone and she kix the asses of all nerinx, viz, villa, st.j, and core jesu girls!~! especially those that say UA girls are sluts...we're not sluts we're just sexually active!~! and way way hotter than y'all are
taylor: dude that gurl sara is so hot! she goes to UA!~!
Mitchell: o shit no, really? those UA girls are hella tight!~! man cut me off a piece of that!~! lol
by Hooters May 04, 2005
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