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An affliction of males characterized by unusual behaviours in the men's room. Urinal anxiety is manifest in the actions of a man who walks into the men's room and heads directly toward the urinals, but -upon seeing another man already standing at a nearby urinal- immediately changes course for the stalls. Urinal anxiety afflicts a substantial number of males who have a phobia about pissing in a location where another male might notice their schlong (as if other males would have an interest in someone else's schlong...). The most extreme form of urinal anxiety is usually seen in locations using the old "trough" urinals often placed in ball park restrooms. The afflicted male approaches the other happy, piss-spattering companions, pulls his dick out, and... and... and... (after a long delay) zips his dick back up, unable to urinate, and shame-facedly departs the restroom unsatisfied.
Damn, Frank never uses the urinals. The other day he went into the women's room at the ball park to avoid the trough. I think he's gripped by urinal anxiety.
by Frank Klaune February 20, 2005
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I have this condition and I'm not male... but what this is is basically not being able to piss when someones right outside the bathroom or is in the bathroom stall next to you for fear of someone hearing you pee or accidently blasting one.
I couldn't pee cuz some hot guy was outside waiting to use the toilet, I turned the water on and it still wouldn't flow.
by cruella June 07, 2005
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