It's a famous website where little hamsters create an urban dictionary.
Bob: Hey can i have the meaning of: "urbandictionary?"
Staffer: Sure,just wait, a geek called blackfox299 is publishing it on right now
Bob: oh alright, thanks!
by blackfox299 March 15, 2015
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A place where anyone can have a huge penis, ass , boobs, or biceps. Its also a place where you can type some random shit and possibly make a poor bastard 300 miles away blow his fuckin brains out. Its a platform for everyone regardless of sex, race, color, religion, creed or mental retardation to voice their personal interpretation of our language in their own words. Its mostly a masculine competition between men about who is the most hardcore bad ass, and how much bigger their wang is than yours. And also how hard they have banged your wife, mother ,sister, etc.
Dude 1: That one guy posted on urbandictionary then his dick fell off..
Bigger dude: He must have been posting about how big my shaft when he watched me nail his sister.
by EYE dont care June 13, 2022
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A place that is a great time waster and makes people wonder what's even funny anymore.
I spent some time on urbandictionary and now I hate myself!
by I'm stupid July 9, 2022
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A Website With A Lot Of Words Used On The Internet Where You Can Upload You're Own Words
I Am On The UrbanDictionary
by merp plays December 25, 2018
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Urban Dictionary is a website where every single word somehow has a sexual definition.

Nigerian slang term for doing somebody.


Adjective to describe how tight a girl is during intercourse.


A lesbian, female who is sexually attracted to other females.

There is only one place where these definitions could have been taken from!

by d_m1se June 15, 2022
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