Hello = Word up, wassup, what up, howdy, g'day, sup, ssup, heya, heyo, hi, high, jello, cello, mellow, bellow, fellow, how-do.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 1, 2003
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A source used to find synonyms of words not easily found in normal dictionaries.
by Andy September 25, 2003
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A great idea. A place to find not just what something is but other ways to express yourself.
Me ~ "I was looking for some new way to say 'later' but Urban Dictionary wasn't any help."

Someone Else ~ "Yep, I sure wish there was an Urban Thesaurus!"

Me ~ (Bursting into tears) "B-B-b-but there's noooooooottt."
(sniff sniff)
by BennyBraBra February 7, 2008
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A website that uses urbandictionary.com to help you sound cooler than you really are, by letting you find better words than the lame ones you already knew. it's here - www.urbanthesaur.us
ever since you found out about the urban thesaurus at www.urbanthesaur.us - people look at you different. you got a promotion at work, men and women want you or want to be you.

nobody understands how one person can sound SO COOL.
by Beeezeee April 17, 2011
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a book synonymous with making you sound cooler instead of just smarter.
Sven wanted to talk like the cool kids so all he wished & dreamed for was an Urban Thesaurus to aid him in replacing his square terminology with the right type of jargon. Sven would use an Urban Thesaurus to learn to say pimpin' instead of "swell" or WTF?! instead of "jeepers." Sadly, Sven died a virgin because an Urban Thesaurus doesn't F*ing exist.
by Super Sal September 23, 2009
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